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Pre-Fall 2022

Amir Taghi

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Mon - Dec 20, 2021 11:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

Pre - Fall 2022
Pre-Fall 22 began when I took a deep dive into Andy Warhols and Bob Colacello’s trip to Iran and the portraits he created for the Shah and the Empress of Iran in 1976. The dreamy colors of the paintings Warhol created of the Empress were infused into silhouettes inspired by the Bakhtiari Tribe of women in Kashan, Iran mixed with my love of Studio 54 and the freedom that exuded from the iconic club. The contrast between my Persian heritage and western upbringing continued into all aspects of tailoring and is evident in every detail. This season the collection was photographed by Kat Slootsky and styled by Caitlin Burke. The witty and beautiful Lisa Ver Berght modeled the collection. The extraordinary hair and make-up is by Paul Venoit.

Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

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