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Anna Sui Spring 2022

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Spring 2022
Sat - Sep 11, 2021 4:00 pm - 4:12 pm EDT


I dream of escaping to a little-known holiday spot, where the weather is forever sunny, the waves are consistently tasty, and the people are always fun and cool. In my personal Shangri-La, I wake up every day, whenever I want, walk among the chirping birds, soaring palm trees, and delicious-smelling tropical flowers, listen to my favorite music, and order beverages that come with colorful little umbrellas. The mood is forever upbeat and anything goes -- it’s Another Day in Paradise! Presented in a procession of shades of neon pink and green —crochet bathing suits on top of neon spandex scuba shirts, with fluorescent gingham socks and tan sandals with fluorescent soles. Shirts, dresses, and skirts in tropical prints with birds of paradise and hibiscuses, mixed with French terry cotton and mesh. Wave runner knits and euphoria lace kaftans are part of the mix, with faux leather silver-studded Iggy shorts. Hand crochet cardigans, skirts, kerchiefs, bralettes, and bikinis by the talented @konrymx. There are also 3D hand crochet flower vests, kerchiefs, and bags.

Niki de Saint Phalle color combinations of garden flowers and dazzling dahlias are printed on spandex, silk linen, and silk cotton voile; all the essentials for a tropical getaway. Solarized pink, orange, blue, and green cotton denim cropped painters pants and chore jackets mix with kaleidoscope rainbow knits, completing this colorful parade. All accessorized with @fellowearthlings neon & ombre, large, sunglasses; @ericksonbeamon fluorescent corsages, bracelets, and necklaces; @daisy__chains belts, necklaces, earrings, and bottle holders; @bailiecelene butterfly rings; Atsugi for Anna Sui neon gingham and rainbow ombre socks; John Fleuvog fluorescent loafers, sandals, and fluorescent & print Munster heels; and Teva sandals embellished with raffia flowers. All my friends are invited to be transported to my paradise at the iconic New York restaurant Indochine. Here we enjoy delicious appetizers and sip our special Paradisiac Cocktail by St~Germain. When you are on vacation your only limit is your wildest dreams!

Anna Sui Anna Sui Spring 2022

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Model: Mika Schneider

Model: Achenrin Madit

Model: Sara Grace Wallerstedt

Model: Chloe Oh

Model: Bomi Youn

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Model: Achenrin Madit

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Model: J'adore Benjamin

Model: Sara Grace Wallerstedt

Model: Mika Schneider

Model: Bomi Youn


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