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Barton Perreira

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Fri - Mar 19, 2021 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

Driven by a fearless commitment to artistry and integrity, Barton Perreira and Fear of God share many core brand ideals, including the guiding principle to always thoughtfully craft with intention.

“This is a personal project for me as I’ve been looking through Barton Perreira frames since the inception of Fear of God seven years ago. How I see the world determines how I approach design with the purpose of redefining how the world sees me. Barton Perreira’s optical glasses are designed in a way that allows a beautiful frame to take a back seat to the subject who’s wearing them. I love this approach to design, where the focus is on the subject and not the physical proposition. I wanted to bring a sense of modernity to the classic frame that I’ve been wearing for the past seven years. Through Fear of God’s design filter and Barton Perreira’s craftsmanship and perspective, I’m super humbled to present a modern optical frame that also feels like the perfect vintage sunglass.” - JERRY LORENZO

“I’m thrilled to be working with Jerry Lorenzo on this collaboration. Barton Perreira and Fear of God are two iconic brands that embody the Los Angeles spirit, which made coming together as one a seamless journey. I have great admiration and respect for Jerry’s vision. It has been a pleasure collaborating with him on glasses and helping him share his eyewear point of view to the world. ”- PATTY PERREIRA

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