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Where art and adornment intersect, ehra begins…

ehra is a vintage collection of jewelry, accessories and objects from the 20th century. Where art and adornment intersect, ehra begins.

Vintage is the new luxury. ehra seeks to embellish an individual, someone who desires a connection to the select things they obtain…pondering each one-of-a-kind item, craving their unusual beauty, and obsessing over the unique story they have to tell.

ehra’s selection of beautiful and quality vintage aims for a more conscious approach, starting with the reuse of existing parts. Each piece is expertly curated or recreated with the purpose to sustain its life, nurturing the layers of souls it has touched through history.

Our roots began in 2002, as an accompaniment to founder Shelly Steffee’s eponymous label. From there, ehra was formed as its own entity, out of a desire to continue to bring beauty and joy to peoples lives. Based in NYC, Shelly is the former creative director of other leading American fashion brands and is an active critic and a guest lecturer for Parsons School of Design and Drexel University.

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A vintage collage is ehra’s signature technique, combining vintage parts from different eras to handcraft one-of-a-kind pieces.


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