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Rose Blanche Fall 2023


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Bridal October 2022
Tue - Oct 11, 2022 1:30 pm - 1:59 pm EDT

Rose Blanche Fall 2023

Eisen-Stein Rose Blanche Fall 2023

Rose Blanche Fall 2023 Collection

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floral lace gown with beaded corset and off the shoulder pieces.

lace gown with deep V corset, paired with puffed sleeves with bow details and balanced by a beaded belt.

Floral beaded tulle gown with straight corset and beaded straps.

Floral organza gown with a corset top and full SKIRT detailed with bow tied off the shoulder sleeves.

Textured brocade gown with sweetheart corset and bow tie details on back and sleeves.

silk Mikado corset gown with a full, slitted skirt, wide off the shoulder sleeves and a back bow.

Fitted lace fishtail gown, with corset top, detailed with 3D flowers and long sleeves with bows.

flowy tulle gown with a deep V neck, 3D floral lace and a lace back bow.

tulle gown with a straight neck corset, balanced by a flowy skirt with a deep side slit detailed with floral appliques.

Strapless lace gown with a fitted silhouette and elegant train, pored with a detachable collar too detailed with a large bow at the back.

a solid crepe satin gown, with a corset base and draped side slit detailed with a bow.

tiered gown sparkling with its beaded tulle, paired with a delicate corset and a beaded belt.

beaded tulle gown with a deep V corset and matching off the shoulder sleeves.

long sleeve lace gown with a deep V neck and belted bow complemented by a flowing train.

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Eisen Stein - Rose Blance 2023

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