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Georgia ic25

G E O R G I A ic25 embraces the minimal and intuitive,
A uniform for craft honed over long hours.
For the working artist, or the artist who aspires to working.

Imum Coeli is latin for "bottom of the sky" - it represents foundations, referring to our roots and relationships.

The Georgia customer is not defined by gender, but rather by their roots and relationships. They appreciate a uniform that is minimal and elevated in style. High quality materials are a must, they care about an ethical development and production chain. Low waste is preferred - it is not about greenwashing the process, but making sure that each step along the way is as reasonable and earth conscious as possible.

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Inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and the Eames, the first collection (Reunion) focused on a return to the essentials - a chore jacket, work pant, apron, and tank. The second collection (Resilience) is a layered expansion of this thought, motivated by the idea that clothing is personal and protective. Many of the new silhouettes are sentimental in nature, influenced by the surgical greens that designer Maria Dora's parents would wear in their medical practice. All leather, fabrics, and yarns are sourced from excess inventory in Los Angeles, in a ten mile radius from where the pieces are developed and produced.

Georgia ic25

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