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Wed - Nov 30, 2022 1:00 pm - 3:09 pm EST

'BACK VIEW' is Georgia's first visual capsule based on inspiration and autonomy.

Back View derives inspiration from Wally Neuzil (born Walburga Neuzil), an Austrian sex worker who worked as a model for Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

She met Schiele through his mentor Klimt in 1911, and the pair existed side by side for four years. Their artist-muse entanglement ended when Schiele abruptly left Wally to marry Edith Harms, a woman from a more socially acceptable family. While Schiele intended to carry on their connection after his marriage, Wally swore to never speak to him again and instead trained to become a military nurse. She remained on active duty until her death during WWII, when she succumbed to scarlet fever at the age of 23.

Schiele continued to paint Wally for the rest of his career, most famously completing 'Death and the Maiden', a short while before his own demise in 1918.

The numerous story lines of Wally's life - classism, obsession, betrayal and service, all in the eye of a societal and geopolitical storm - inspired this collection.

Pulling from her banded striped dresses, colorful sweaters, and oversized men's suits, we sought to create a 'portrait' of the independent soul often as Egon Schiele's 'shadow'.

As the curator Diethard Leopold states, "She's not just a model. She looks back."

Here, she at last shines in her own light.

BACK VIEW Collection

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