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Resilience: Gita Omri Spring 2023

Gita Omri

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Fri - Sep 09, 2022 6:00 pm - 6:15 pm EDT

For Spring 2023, Gita Omri showed her first full collection as part of NYFW. After launching just before the global pandemic closed down business as we knew it, Gita took a step back, keeping her doors open through creative approaches to downsizing in order to survive. Seeing a photo of a Daisy pushing its way out of a crack in a cement sidewalk, the designer was moved as she has spent the last two years feeling like that flower... looking for any crack in the facade of reality to not only grow but flourish in these times. Under inspirational name of "Resilience", Gita presented a full collection of 39 looks on the runways with each look being shown on a Size 2 and a Size 20 models walking side by side. The audible gasps of excitement from the audience as every woman was celebrated was proof positive that Gita is on to something. She's literally setting the standard for inclusive design and embracing every woman on the planet in the process.

Gita Omri Resilience: Gita Omri Spring 2023

Resilience: Gita Omri Spring 2023 Collection

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