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Wed - Sep 15, 2021 12:00 pm - 12:10 pm EDT

With optimism and joy, we present our SS22 collection GIU GIU ‘à la campagne’.

This season was inspired by the designer Giuliana Leila Raggiani's time spent in various locations in the French countryside. She initially connected with the seaside of Biarritz during the winter months, and most recently sought refuge in Le Lot region of Montvalent, alongside the 'Dordogne' River. This sparked the element of water becoming the collection's foundation.

"Water is the universal glue" -- Gaston Bachelard (Water in Dreams). This is incorporated in the GIU GIU Sport Surf Collection's use of a water-repellent Japanese yarn, an eco-friendly polyamide. The landscape of the ocean and elements of the earth are found in the color palette of the season ~ Genie (a brilliant blue revival from a past season), Clay (a dusty green tone), the Bateau Stripe, and Planche (a bold engineered stripe, inspired by the 70s surf style of Biarritz).

This season our lookbook has taken a personal & raw direction, as Raggiani arrived in le Lot sans plan. The lookbook was formed organically; an intentional "unfiltered" experiment, to see how we can live without our attachments. She found different forms of photography along the way (ie. iPhone, a disposable camera from a local brocante, friends with cameras!) to create a scrap-book photo journal to present this season's collection.

The models were chosen spontaneously and feature the beautiful & unique people she encountered during this time of renewal and discovery.

SS22 À LA CAMPAGNE Collection

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