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In Earnest is a brand that is distinguished by Byron's body enhancing fit, meticulous workmanship and obsessive attention to detail. This level of thoughtfulness has rendered Byron's clothes must-haves among celebrity A-listers, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift, Angela Bassett, Elle Fanning, Kim Kardashian, Jill Scott, Vanessa Williams, Gabrielle Union, Regina Kina and Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama to name a few.

The formation of a new partnership with longtime colleague Sheila Gray

has yielded a dynamic duo in management as well as a name change.

Afro-Victorian mashups are the order of the day this season, lending and odd balance of relaxed primness, but the true pulse of the collection comes from the "visual tactility" of it's fabrics of printed guipure, laser cut fringe and clipped jacquards. -"The use of texture and pattern is always a priority in my design, but never more so now that actual touch is so necessarily discouraged, so it was very important to me that anyone be able to "touch" these clothes with their eyes."

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