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Mon - Feb 15, 2021 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST

Afro-Victorian mashups are the order of the day this season, lending and odd balance of relaxed primness, but the true pulse of the collection comes from the "visual tactility" of it's fabrics of printed guipure, laser cut fringe and clipped jacquards.
-"The use of texture and pattern is always a priority in my design, but never more so now that actual touch is so necessarily discouraged, so it was very important to me that anyone be able to "touch" these clothes with their eyes."

In Earnest Spring 1 Collection

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As it's name suggests, this textural study of colorful findings and trim has an embellished athleticism that suggests a would be Masai warrior's varsity jacket.

The playful Charm of this Afro-Henley manifests an optimism that is welcome in any audience, virtual or otherwise.

The paradoxical irony of this Africanized kimono top is it's odd correctness and lack of irony. Clipped threads lend subtle texture to it's bold prints on multiple patterns of inside out jacquard.

The sartorial polish of this pants construction paired with it's pops of trim on quirky stretch jacquard evoke images of bold unapologetic Nigerian haberdashery.

The Orientalism of the flared pant gives a nod toward vintage treasure while also capturing a modern pragmatism that only adds to its intrigue. The combination of it's neon racing side stripe and unexpected drawstring cuff give it harem ]/active hybrid status.

Maybe even more than the allure of it's luxurious athleticism, is the appeal of it's versatility. Whether worn as a dress or as a topper, this piece has a relaxed brand of polish that is just right for the here and now AND for the steadfastly approaching better days ahead.

This dress is proof that Chantilly lace can be as sweet or as rock n' roll as your imagination allows. The versatility of this dress could release an inner stylist you may not have even known existed.

There's no doubt that this stretch lace dress is about as easy as chic gets but, it's versatility and extreme comfort will have it in such heavy rotation that you'll often wish you hadn't worn it the day before so you could wear it again.

This easy-to-wear pullover with it's ironic Tuna emblem seems a Dadaist's study in textural lace, with the appearance of an almost accidental sexiness that is actually anything but.

Plunging Convertible Sequin Dress: Beyond being seasonless, this dressy dress has a surprising degree of versatility, not the least of which being it's ability to function as a layering piece when it's slip lining is removed as shown here paired with jeans.

Chic don't get any easier OR more comfortable than this cute little pull-on skirt that will be the only straight skirt you'll want to wear in this Neo sweat pant culture.

This playful riff on a French classic has an unpretentious ease and sophistication that is "ALL"-American. (all as in "inclusive" and not as in entirely)

Full Transparency is the policy of this Chantilly lace button-down classic.

This composite cotton lace top with it's laser cut chiffon fringe sleeve evokes images of a seaside stroll in Deauville to the faintest beat of African drums.

This feminine little textured composite cotton lace top has Zoom-event-readiness written all over it but, its promise of sustained relevance in actual future events is what amps up its appeal.

This feminine little textured composite cotton lace top has Zoom-event-readiness written all over it but, it's promise of sustained relevance in actual future events is what amps up its appeal.

Bold African printed inside-out jacquard and cotton composite lace reverberated with a joy of life that actually manifests it as it's undulating hem literally dances as you walk.

As it's name suggest, this mixed stretch lace dress is locked and loaded for virtual flirtation AND re-entry into a new version of the world as we knew it, while actually being comfortable all the while. It's cute little fringed much is perfect for holding that lipstick you'll need to counteract the ravages of face masks as more dining opens.

Bold African prints on inside out jacquard and composite cotton lace conspire to make the perfect summer dress with an unexpected edging of zipper tape which lends visual substance and weight for good skirt swinging.

The intricacy of this dress construction with it's multiple textures of gingham printed lace fabrics, trims and elastic belies the simplicity of it's first impression. Upon closer inspection this piece gets better and better.

Multiple textures of black composite cotton lace and a graduating flare conspire to provide dynamic impact when this skirt is in motion.

Eyelet Maxi Maxi textural explosion waistless dress.

Stretch jacquard facilitates the immaculate tailoring of a trouser with the comfort of a legging.

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What distinguishes Byron's clothes is their body enhancing fit & meticulous attention to detail.

Rendering Byron's Clothes must-haves among celebrity A-listers, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift, Felicity Jones, Angela Bassett, Elle Fanning, Katherine Winnick, Kim Kardashian, Jill Scott, Vanessa Willams, Anika Noni Rose, Gabrielle Union, Reg

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