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Tue - Jun 21, 2022 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Love, lust, and disco in the American West - "Electrica Primula" is the sixth collection from the Los Angeles brand Keiser Clark. With this new collection, Creative Director Marc Keiser takes us into the night up Interstate 15 towards the neon buzz of Old Vegas while also getting us lost in a four-on-the-floor rhythm and finding love, lust, and heartbreak all on the dance floor. Returning to the midnight hours of Keiser Clark's neo-noir aesthetic, "Electrica Primula" is a return to the brand's core with its gritty nocturnal glamour. With a bassline rooted in the bravado of the Old-Californian West and a harmony tied to the electric flare of the '70s and '80s disco-club scene, the collection serves as a ballad to love found and lost in the discothèque.

Set amongst the bright lights of the Old Vegas strip and designed with a heavy disco anthem playlist and a bottle of Maker's Mark, the collection nods to the country music Keiser listened to growing up and the disco and electronic dance music he gets lost in today.

"Old Vegas meets Studio 54. I grew up with voices like Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, and Faith Hill playing on the stereo, but as I grew older, I found a new love for disco and the modern-day version of it with electronic dance music. A genre rooted in movement, a collective heartbeat, and a shared rhythm. A music that consumes and moves you, and somewhere between the bassline and the harmony you
escape in the groove." -- Marc Keiser, Keiser Clark.

Keiser's inspiration comes from a catalog of old photos from Studio 54 and a photo of Bianca Jagger on a white horse in the middle of the club. There was a disco ball on the ceiling, lights flashing, music thumping, that electric crowd of people, and a horse. He thought of the beautiful juxtaposition between the horse and the club that made the photo so iconic. Translating tension through the garments, Keiser brought rugged black denim and cool nylons and cut them against lush faux fur and silky satins. Classic American cuts and western motifs appear in the line as well with metallic and broken heart embellishments, midnight black and sandy brown tones, all contrasted with metallic steel rose and neon pink hues.

"I wanted the collection to have that same tension between the Old West and Nu Disco, a sort of rugged fluidity between the two American subcultures."

Key pieces from the collection include a steel rose full-length faux fur coat that transforms into a saddle bag offering five pieces in one, a buttery lambskin suede bomber, a long hair wool vest in sandy brown, and a removable fringe trucker set in black denim. The collection's key design elements are transformable outerwear, opt-in flared bottoms, and leather applique. Textural elements reign supreme throughout collection six as Keiser continues to take us further into the blinding neon lights with "Electrica Primula."


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