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Kristian Lorén is fashion for unapologetic women. Women looking for an outlet of self-expression and liberation for their authenticity. Whether extra or reserved or somewhere in between, you deserve to be 100% you. Kristian Lorén looks combine classic silhouettes with elaborate fabrications to help women light up whatever stage they walk.

Find Kristian Lorén in Bloomingdales, Keen, Lucy’s, and Alice Magazines, and worn on the red carpet by Madison Rian, Shahadi Wright, and Damaris Lewis.

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Founder and Creative Director

Kristian Lopez

Kristian Lorén was founded by Brooklyn-based, Philadelphia-born fashion designer Kristian Lorén Lopez. Early in life, Lorén and her sister Sessilee put on fashion shows at home. Lorén dressed her sister in tablecloths and curtains and sent her down the ‘runway.’ Years later, the sisters continue to support and inspire each other, Sessilee a top model and Lorén a designer. After getting a degree in Fashion from FIT, Lorén wanted to learn all facets of the industry. She worked production, model management and as an agent for Alek Wek and others, all while developing her brand. In 2018, Lorén was named one of Essence Magazine’s ‘Designers to Watch,’ and her looks featured in Essence’s Fashion House 2019. Sold in Bloomingdales, seen in magazines like Keen, Lucy’s, and Alice, and worn on the red carpet by Madison Rian, Shahadi Wright, Luvvie Ajayi, and Damaris Lewis, Kristian Lorén elevates the everyday as an outlet of self-expression and liberation.

Kristian Lorén

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