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Spring/Summer 2022

Spring 2022
Sun - Sep 12, 2021 10:00 am - 10:30 am EST

Spring/Summer 2022 is a study of twelve of the prominent human emotions- Anger, Sadness, Empathetic Pain, Fear, Horror, Joy, Romance, Craving, Calmness, Anxiety, and Relief- Chosen to reflect the spectrum of emotions experienced over the last year. The collection features a vast palette of pink, yellow, reds, blues, and metallics, punctuated by graphic black and white. Vibrant colors are used with emphasized silhouettes to evoke individualistic emotions.

Crisp silk faille, in a billowing trapeze cape, portrays the boldness of Anger, Silk moiré in a black tailored jacket over a metallic beaded fringed skirt softly emulates Empathetic Pain. An ombré draped skirt in subdued blues conveys Sadness and reappears in a severe silhouette for Horror, while electrifying Anxiety through rich, embroidered, wavy stripes. Fear, perhaps the most relatable emotion for many this year, is showcased in a structured floor-length opera cape with beaded, pulsing stripes. An extravagant confection of organza ruffles embodies Romance.

In Spring/Summer 2022, LBV hopes to offer respite during a whirlwind time, where beauty in handcraft and creativity can be indulged .

LBV Spring/Summer 2022

Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

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