Matt Welsh

Upon graduating from Kent State University’s School of Fashion in 2021, Matt Welsh was recognized as one of the top design students of his class. After the release of his senior graduate collection titled “Novus,” which went on to win the Diversity in Design Award, Matt gained rapid popularity from fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

Prior to graduating from Kent State’s fashion design program, Matt Welsh began lighting up consumer interest with fashion design projects as early as high school under the brand name “Lurk Wear.” In order to learn about fashion production from the ground up, he toured local factories and fabric mills, and this whetted his appetite for more hands-on experience. He found work in factories and studios dealing with apparel construction such as Artex Knitting Mills and Bandulu Street Couture in New York City.
In Matt's senior year of college, his brand identity took shape, and he began marketing his designs under his full name. Under this moniker he designed and debuted his graduate apparel collection. From a stunning digital runway presentation and photoshoot, Matt gained wild popularity on social media and was quickly noticed and given nods of approval by industry leaders such as JOANN Fabrics, Kailand Morris, Tommy Bogo, and celebrity stylist, Bloody Osiris.
With the sudden demand for his apparel designs, Matt marketed his products on his e-commerce website, where his designs were an instant hit amongst his fan base and continue to sell out.
Matt strives to create inventive products that customers can experience with comfort and convenience. Moving forward with his career, Matt plans to strategically partner with industry professionals to offer creative insight and design assistance as well as learn new aspects of the industry and profession.
He is currently 22 years old, and based in the NJ-NYC corridor. Visit Matt’s website to experience more projects, fashion films, and products from the designer.

Kent State University


Special Foci: Innovation within Apparel {Women's, Men's} , Accessories / Jewelry {Baggage, Wrist & Neck Jewelry} Specialization: Apparel Construction, Overall Creative Insight ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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