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Wed - Sep 16, 2020 3:15 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

Designer's Note:

With this presentation, I continue to tell the story of a generation. One that lived through the 70's and 80's; some say it ended in 1984. A generation that had ideals and changed culture in ways that we look up to now as aspirational, or look back at with nostalgia. But it was also a generation that experienced pain and struggle similar to ours.

I tell stories using simple, often exaggerated, tailoring as a canvas. The wearer, a person who identifies with the story I’m telling, in turn uses the collection to tell their own. In a way, this makes these historical anecdotes and stories transcend specific eras and time.

Women were central figures in the club scene during the period I’m referencing with this collection. Controlling the music, the crowd, the style; often the glue binding the scene together. I think that’s always the case.

The presentation for my Spring/Summer 2021 collection for Mr. Saturday takes place in our office. Our office, our space, is a reflection of this generation and world where women never confine themselves to a single look or identity. The collection does the same with and for them. Pieces range from structured denim pant and jacket sets to flowing pleated silk chiffon skirts, maintaining a DIY spirit through punk and elegance.

This collection is an homage, an experiment, and just the start.


M. Saturday

Mr. Saturday SS21 - Where Life is Just a State of Mind

SS21 - Where Life is Just a State of Mind Collection


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