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Mon - Oct 11, 2021 9:00 am - 9:30 am EST

Rank & Sugar is a vintage, handcrafted Army apparel line that honors soldiers, empowers women, and spreads peace. Each garment is hand selected for its perfect patina, then reinvented one by one to become the hero piece in a woman’s closet. These are quality items that have stood the test of time, protected soldiers through battle, and then lovingly brought back to life to serve again. No detail is overlooked, from hand stamped dog tags made one at a time by a Vietnam Veteran to hand embroidered messages of peace & love. Rank & Sugar brings heirloom quality craftsmanship to sustainable fashion. In a world of fast fashion, we stand out as a label made from passion, craft and intention. We will always hold these values and it is our hope that comes through in what our hands have created. Rank & Sugar blends seamlessly with modern luxury labels and classic lines, as well.

Nashville Fashion Week Rank & Sugar | Fall 2021

Rank & Sugar | Fall 2021 Collection

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Vintage, reworked Pendleton coat with hand applied rhinestones & reclaimed removable fur shrug over a vintage sweater with hand knotted fringe sleeves paired with a Vietnam era Ghillie short reworked with rhinestone fringe.

Vintage Pendleton blazer reworked with our signature hand sewn smileys over a custom photo realism dress that has hand applied dog tags that read “lover” and “fighter” stamped on them.

Vintage Pendleton blazer reworked with our signature hand sewn smileys over a vintage leather vest that has original Army patches hand embroidered on the back paired with a vintage crinoline skirt that has brass studs applied.

80’s era Woodland Camo Army jacket that has been studded and embroidered over a mud cloth tunic with side laces paired with star embellished Vietnam era OG107 utility pants.

Vintage Pendleton blazer reworked with hand embroidered x’s over a vintage reworked Navy sweater that has our signature hand sewn smileys paired with a vintage hand embellished crinoline with an Army issue belt and reworked belt bag.

Vintage reworked Army sweater that has been hand knotted paired with patched and embroidered Vietnam era OG107 utility pants.

Vintage reworked Pendleton coat with reclaimed removable fur collar and oversized smiley elbow patches over a mud cloth one-shoulder top with self-belt paired with hand painted Vietnam era OG107 utility pants.

Vintage Reworked Pendleton coat with brass studs over a 2-piece vintage Pendleton suit that has been hand embellished with metallic gold sequin shoulder detail and metallic gold thread throughout.

Vintage reworked Pendleton blazer with hand applied rhinestones over a vintage velvet hand embroidered Japanese vest paired with a vintage tea-strained crinoline skirt that has been hand embroidered with the E.E. Cummings poem “Somewhere I have Never Traveled, Gladly Beyond”.

Vintage Pendleton blazer reworked with our signature hand sewn smileys over a Vietnam era Ghillie top reworked into a silk-lined and knife-pleat wrap dress with leather belt paired with a custom hat by Nashville hatmaker A. Botts Willis.

Suzanne Wade


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