Raspaditos x Official Rebrand Collection No.1 (RxOR1)


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Mon - Feb 13, 2023 11:00 pm EDT

After a serendipitous meeting at a tattoo pop-up, our recent friendship has burned hot and heavy. This collaboration was borne effortlessly from this kismet bond. A mutual admiration of each other's work, has pushed each of us to achieve new levels of skill and creativity. Our collection grew from a desire to transform rather than consume. We sourced our materials almost exclusively from garments and fabrics that had been discarded by other brands. At its core, our collection meditates on adaptability and the beautiful uncertainty of existence; surrendering to the balances of life in all their twisted glories. In the quest to achieve greater heights of expression, we centered performance in our collection's presentation. Through dance, we brought our community a pleasurable state of perpetual motion where disruption can be born.

Raspaditos x Official Rebrand Collection No.1 (RxOR1) Collection

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9

SarahIsoke shot by Joohee Park

Demetris Charalambous

Cole Stapleton

Katherine Paola De La Cruz

Valentina Baché Rodríguez

Designers Valentina Baché Rodríguez + MI el Leggett

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