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Orbit Lin & Chi Houng, a designer duo based in Tainan, Taiwan. Orbit used to be an internet engineer from a rigorous technical training background. Chi is a designer from a fine art background. Although neither Orbit nor Chi has received authentic fashion design training, they start the fashion design career with a strong passion and interdisciplinary cogitation. Since their studenthood, they were both fascinated by skateboarding culture, vintage, and Ura-Harajuku culture. These cultures and so do the oriental local culture are both strongly inspired the works. Taiwan, especially Tainan is well-known for being the R&D base of high-end technology fabrics. This gives them a great advantage to try on different fabrics made of multiple recycled materials. Such as polyester textured yarn or leather made by dam sediment. The "Bi-birth sludge leather" which combines the design of the shoes won the Red Dot Award and the IF design awards. We’ve also used oyster shell powder mixed with plastic pellets made from recycled PET bottles into a great multi-function material for temperature adjustment, deodorant, anti-bacterial, anti-UV, etc. From experimenting with sustainable fashion materials to expecting each traditional tailor-made process, Orbit & Chi enjoyed the process of exploring the unknown area. They keep dismantling cultural symbols from where they from and giving new meaning to the collection. Such as studying Taiwan native blue dye, integrating the traditional Chinese font into the new cutting, shaping the bulrush weaving hat into the Alishan's contour model. They believe exchanging ideas with professionals in different fields always enlightens for unlimited possibilities.

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