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Spring 2021 Swagg Collection

OTG Essentials

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Black Design Collective
Mon - Feb 15, 2021 6:20 pm - 6:30 pm EST

When In Spring... Is a spiritual and energetic collection that speaks to the coming of a new. While we continue to transition to these new beginnings in 2021. These times are still unpredictable... However, there is anticipation of hope, appreciation of life, time, adventure, good-will and laughter. This collection carries those vibrations of growth, health, renewal, harmony, and peace. It represents a season of starting a new chapter with bold colors of green, yellow and hand painted textures. That this is a time to explore new layers all that is possible, available while on to go with ease, comfort and style.

OTG Essentials Spring 2021 Swagg Collection


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