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Dahomey, collection Printemps-Été 2021.

Prajjé Oscar

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Sun - Feb 21, 2021 12:00 pm - 12:07 pm EST

The Prajjé Oscar Dahomey collection is composed of ready to wear garments including dresses and separates. As in the fall, we have continued to explore ideas inspired by a Haitian street painting “The Birds of Dahomey” whose vibrancy and subtlety speaks directly to the brand’s core ideals: boldness and elegance. The Birds of Dahomey's vibrant colors and subtle movements allude to a bold elegant woman with an edge. The collection features bright and inviting colors, quality materials, and the Prajjé Oscar savoir-faire: craftsmanship and tradition.

Prajjé Oscar Dahomey, collection Printemps-Été 2021.

Dahomey, collection Printemps-Été 2021. Collection


The making of Everything Old is new Runway

Filmed at the iconic Philadelphia landmark, Benjamin Franklin Bridge. To capture this elegantly stylized story we seek to tell, we partnered with the talented French filmmaker, Benjamin Hubert whose distinct voice and our connection to this city, is the inspiration for this production as a tribute to the city we love and call home.

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