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Immigrant flavors

Ricardo Seco

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Mon - Apr 05, 2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

Immigrant Flavors: Ricardo Seco’s new A/W 2021 collection
Relaxed, easy to wear, and durable
Timeless pieces that support the lifestyle of the new normal

Mexico City, March 2021. We live in a time of ongoing change. Across the world, a new conscience about health and well-being has emerged. We understand that we all are part of a tidal change and that each one of us contributes uniquely. We all infuse life with flavors that are individual and linked to our roots. These flavors migrate near and far, they are immigrant flavors.

There are sweets in Mexico that are part of culture. For those from my country, these treats are familiar to us since childhood, and are full of nostalgia. They include marzipan, “chamoyadas,” pastries like “conchas,” wafers known as “obleas,” and many more. This collection showcases these childhood flavors to the world, in the midst of a pandemic that has taken away so much from us. Isolation changed our world, paired with unpredictable times, instants when everything changed, when sadness might have come to our lives over the loss of a beloved one or the loss of our job.

This is a nostalgic collection made up of those simple pleasures that made us happy. I am proud of Mexico, of being Latinx, and of being an immigrant. To me, this pride is originated in the freedom to be who I choose to be, act freely, and inject life with happiness. In this environment, I wanted to make a joyful collection, that is positive, that brings childhood bliss back. It is easy streetwear that infuses our daily lives with flavor.

This is the dawn of a new era in which everything, even international politics has to be more responsible and inclusive of all that is REAL. Today, diplomacy is, even in fashion, the way of expressing what we feel and bringing up issues that concern us all. This collection represents my feelings as a Mexican national, who is aware of what happens around the world, acting from my identity, and offering a new style for more relaxed times. The garments are easy to wear and durable, timeless to be worn at home or to go out, that are meant for a time when one can work anywhere.

Even though my collection is intended for all seasons, I present it during Autumn/Winter 21. It includes colorful pants and bold prints, which are combined with oversized pieces such as jackets and coats with sophisticated tailoring. There also are leather puffer coats. In this collection, footwear is very important, every shoe from boots to Converse sneakers, expresses my proposition that this is a new era, and proudly states that DREAMERS are Americans and America is unique!

These are times when immigrant flavors are protagonists.

by German Najera e Iván Flores - Weshootmuch .
Stylist by Juan de Dios y Beto ( Blancopop)
Xseco & Lafourmimx
Design team
Ana Bergero
Elena Valdes
Whisky Abasolo

Ricardo Seco Immigrant flavors

Immigrant flavors Collection

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Cotton T-shirt New Era
Cotton pink Hoodie
Leather crop trouser
Converse by Seco

Nylon concha print puffer jacket
Cotton conchas Crop T-shirt
Black Leather pants

Like Bomber puffer jacket
Concha cotton tank top
Caky& black Leather crop oversize pants
Converse by Seco

Ivory cotton hoodie with concha print
Ivory cotton shorts with concha print
Ancle Boots by Seco

Oversize Leather black coat
Cotton T-shirt NO space
Black Neopreno leggings
Green perforated leather shorts
Converse by Seco

Nylon oversize vest black yellow strips
Cotton T-shirt pup secorindo
Black Bermuda leather
Converse by Seco

Parka nylon pulparindo print
Leather jacket and cotton T-shirt pulparindo print
Leather pants

Crop hoodie with concha print
Suede caky skirt
Converse by Seco

Black Leather puffer cape with green strips
Lime cotton hoody and pant cacahuates print
Converse by Seco

Leather Bomber jacket
Black hoody oversize with mazapan print
Black leather crop pants
Converse by Seco

Black cashmere oversize coat
Cotton T-shirt with pulparindo print
Pink cotton pants with pulparindo print

Parka print nylon
Cotton T-shirt cachuates print
Leather with crop waste red leather pants
Converse by Seco

Oversize nylon and leather coat puffer jacket with Totitos gum print by Seco
Cotton T-shirt with Totito print
Black alacran back pack
Converse by Seco

Leather and nylon alacranes puffer jacket
Cotton alacran zebra pink T-shirt
Cashmere jogger pants
Ancle yellow boots X Seco


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