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Sadarryle Stephens

Sadarryle Stephens was born in a small town in the southeastern region of North Carolina. After graduating from Elizabeth City State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree, she shifted into her fashion journey. In 2014, Sadarryle started her millinery brand, darraEvette, and expanded it to fashion design after applying to the Academy of Art University. During her time at AAU, she discovered her love for art, streetwear, and fabric manipulation. She carried these ideas and combined them with her cognizance of black culture. Sadarryle aims to bring new ideas by draping unique shapes on the dress form and by creating her own textiles.

Academy of Art University I MFA

Specialization: Apparel {Women's, Men's, Non-Binary, Children's, Other}, Materiality {Textiles, Knitwear, Material Innovation, Digital Fabrication, Other}

Special Foci: Innovation, 3D Draping

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