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Roots & Dreams | Autumn / Winter 2023


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Bridal October 2022
Thu - Oct 13, 2022 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Paying homage to the Past, Present, and Future, this collection aims to honor the journey that we embark throughout our lives. Drawing inspiration from both my childhood in Haiti — days filled with quaint simplicity and now, my cosmopolitan life in New York City, where I am surrounded by constant movement, this collection invites you to embrace and celebrate the story of your own life.

This collection is particularly important to me because designing it took me to a place that evoked my dreamer sensibility. It allowed me to be deeply creative; and challenged me to think differently. I approached these designs from a modish contemporary and fun perspective to deliver the timeless and captivating pieces I know my modern brides are eager for.

Featuring a selection of silk, contemporary and bohemian silhouettes that embody the romance and optimism of a bride’s wedding day, this collection is for those who desire a show-stopping, unforgettable look on their special day, which can be repurposed for other cherished occasions.

Today, my childhood dream has come true. Each day is a treasured moment filled with crafting timeless wonders for women who are telling their stories in their own words and in their own way.

Welcome to ‘Roots & Dream,” and step into a world where the rhythm follows our flow.

SCORCESA Roots & Dreams | Autumn / Winter 2023

Roots & Dreams | Autumn / Winter 2023 Collection

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