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Fall 2021
Mon - Feb 15, 2021 10:00 am - 10:30 am EDT

"Women are Tigers"
There is a nursery rhyme in China, saying that "women are tigers." 
This song has been played many times in my childhood, and almost everyone can sing it. Although it feels a little joking, these words make me think about women's power. Even culture makes Eastern and Western women different in some aspects, but being a woman makes everything a lot more common. When I started developing this collection, I researched women from two distinct periods, European women in the early 19th century and the teddy girl style in the 50s. Women in both periods have their own lifestyles with characteristics of the times. It formed a stark contrast but also a lot of things in common in some way. I need to say that the "Bridgerton" gave me a lot of inspiration for the former. The characters' personalities made me feel somewhat similar to the teddy girl's representative spirit in the 50s. I think that this independent spirit of women beyond time, region, and country. No matter in which period, there always have some women who express this independent female spirit in their ways. 
For this season's silhouettes, we have developed some new shapes in a balance of Feminine and Masculine from Eastern to Western. While also continuing our signature tailoring and asymmetric designs. The double-sided wool jacket piped with print silk line is the key tailoring piece of this season. It is like a piece of men's suits with the feminine frame. We designed the "tiger story" prints collection. It is designed in a traditional Chinese painting way and developed into silk and cotton, and a new conventional square collar design with an asymmetrical tie sleeve.

SNOW XUE GAO SNOW XUE GAO F/W21 Ready-to-Wear Collection

SNOW XUE GAO F/W21 Ready-to-Wear Collection Collection


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