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Tue - Sep 13, 2022 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

Sukeina Spring/Summer 2023


The Red Cardinal is a bird as rich in symbolism and mythology as its feathers are with an unmistakable shade of vermilion. Derived from “cardo,” the Latin word for “hinge,” a cardinal is thought to signal the presence of a lost loved one or a spiritual emissary that appears to deliver a message of hope, protection or guidance. The cardinal is a rare monogamous bird that mates for life, making it a sign of love and loyalty. The sight of a pair of cardinals is said to be a call to attention, to oneself and their surroundings.

Omar Salam’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection for Sukeina is crafted entirely in a single shade of cardinal red. A powerful statement of a woman’s sense of self, the collection was designed to communicate and radiate her essential energy, and, in turn, for that aura to be reflected back at her. Salam conceived the clothes as a dynamic exchange between a woman and her audience. “It is one thing to feel your angles, your beauty, your motion, your rhythm and the symphony of you while you are wearing the clothes,” says Salam. “But there is also the vantage point of someone sharing that with you, seeing you walk into the room and the light you bring.”

If singular in color, many of the pieces in the 25-look eveningwear lineup are an intricate fusion of multiple materials — silk chiffon, Japanese neoprene, powder and honeycomb mesh, satin duchesse, silk organza, artisanal lace, silk gazar and knitwear. Salam combines traditional French bourgeois references from his childhood in Nice with modernist technical and athletic references, finessing a broad swath of textures into a harmonious result. A silk organza blouse is trimmed with an athletic knit collar and finished with satin-covered buttons and French lace. A body-skimming dress combines mesh, embroidered fringe and organza ruffles that flutter off the body with the soft dimension of flower petals. Silhouettes range from lean to sculptural, always enhancing and reacting to the individual female form.

Cardinal (SS23) Collection


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