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Grace (FW21)


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Fall 2021
Wed - Feb 17, 2021 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

The Sukeina Autumn Winter 2021 Womenswear Collection, designed by Omar Salam and entitled Grace, invites us to explore a world where adornment meets functionality, a dress’ movement speaks as much about the wearer's state of mind as it comments on global ideologies. Furthermore, texture and fabrications fuse to create an elevated sense of self.

Unpacking the word’s meaning via the lens of the brand’s first fully realized ready-to-wear collection; is the principal objective. Elegance, gratitude, comfort and the cherished privilege of being alive are distilled via pieces that still contain the house’s signature motifs of origami folds in varied fabrications, handcrafted embroidery, detailed braiding and the evolving thesis of concealing and revealing the body on one’s terms. However, in this new auspice, they are juxtaposed with outsized zipper hardware and presented in a palette that remains subdued bar for the occasional ultra-feminine flourish of powder pink, crimson red or emerald green.

The notion of tactility as a means of transporting a woman to her inner world is rendered via pieces that take one fabric and present it in numerous iterations such as jackets in shaved and natural pony skin or separates that team seemingly opposing propositions such as metallic leather with wool neoprene. These couplings hint at the idea of a woman electing to be many things at once; a world that has moved on from the old order of compromise and diminishment and one that requires clothes that speak to these new possibilities.

Luxury that is informal in its presentation and that borrows from sportswear is a recurrent theme, most vividly evoked on a repeated feature of ribbed cuffs and collars on numerous pieces and trouser cuts that resemble a formalized jogging pant. It is a concept that is also reflective of the evolution of the workplace, where home and office, professional life leisure time have seamlessly merged.

As a brand Sukeina thought it important to unequivocally champion and support the American garment industry and as such all pieces were made in America. America as a country is undergoing its reinvention and it continues to welcome those, such as Salam who have audacious visions and ambitions, to participate in doing the same. Grace is not a redaction of previous Sukeina collections, but rather a continuum building on a prior aesthetic foundation. Change is the only certainty in uncertain times and it deserves to be rendered in the most exquisite form possible. As Salam states: “Grace is in the kindness that sustains and surrounds us. We have the opportunity of just being still and re=considering and re-structuring and questioning things and recognizing that while this has been challenging season it is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a compassionate world.”

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Grace (FW21) Collection


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