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Spring 2021

Tanya Taylor

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Wed - Jan 20, 2021 12:00 pm - 12:10 pm EDT

The Spring 2021 collection was inspired by feeling hopeful for the future. That hopefulness inspired the energetic, vibrant mood of the collection. The brand focused on joy and expressing that through its commitment to bold color and artful prints. The collection is an interpretation of how women can bring feminine function to their new reality.

Spring 2021 Collection

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Delilah Dress S21D159212

Delia Top S21T858188

Elle Top S21T852220
Carrie Skirt S21S347188

Marisol Dress S21D128212

Julia Dress S21D131188

Kate Dress S21D162220

Vivian Jacket S21J136217
Harlow Tee S21T879210
Parker Pant S21P316211

Gia Dress S21D160188

Alena Top S21T856214
Parker Pant S21P316211

Callie Top T860214
Vera Skirt S21S355211

Josephine Top S21T851216

Alissa Dress S21D158211

Alena Top S21T856180
Lyla Skirt S21S354213

Sarah Tee S21T854215
Lyla Skirt S21S354213

Emma Top S21T834212
Peyton Pant S21P242217

Cayla Dress S21D189218

Eliana Dress S21D161222

Sarah Top S21T854215
Avery Pant S21P241012

Skylar Tee S21T831210
Brielle Skirt S21S348219

Frankie Top S21T838219
Lyla Skirt S21S383212

Delilah Dress S21D159212

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