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Spring 2023

Tanya Taylor

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Fri - Sep 09, 2022 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

As we approach a milestone year for the brand, I’ve taken time to look back at moments of spontaneity and inspiration that drove my creativity, and was reminded of when I first moved to the city 15 years ago. Ever inspired by artists and their processes, the courtyard at Westbeth, an artist residency program in the West Village, was a place where I found an otherworldly calm - almost absorbing the ideas and eccentricity that lived within the walls.

It was there that I fell in love with this city - in a space created for people who make art because they can’t live without making art. It brought me back to my roots and encouraged me to feel a sense of freedom to bring more beauty and surprise into what we were creating.

The Spring 23 collection was designed for spontaneity. Color combinations are nuanced yet juicy, grounded by carefully selected neutrals; riviera green next to a citron, papaya red over a taupe, turquoise next to ivories - all adding unexpected layers. Our prints were inspired by the artist's process; the "beautiful mess" of palette mixing, a crackle glaze on a ceramic, a floral offset as if printed by an old-school press - capturing spontaneity and imperfections.

We found a new lightness and tactility in fabric textures. Ultra light crinkle nylon, cloud-like printed matelasse, silk and linen translucent chiffon. Humble yet intricate cotton cutwork embroidery gives suggestion of the body. Silhouettes and details have a stronger, more sculptural femininity. Rich cartridge pleated neck details are held together with corded silk; sweetheart curves are made all the more curvaceous through pleating and three-dimensional tubular trim. Open backs have a sculptural curvilinear shape, inspired too from the curvature of the Westbeth balconies. Asymmetric necklines and artful color-blocking in surprising combinations lend graphic freshness, while striped shirting, oxford cloth and poplins are spliced and twisted within polished silhouettes. A playful sense of volume remains, specifically at hand-draped raglan sleeves, whereas more body-conscious silhouettes have emerged within complex yet strikingly clean knits, and dresses are cut on bias with considered cutouts.

Things aren’t perfectly polished - they have a bit of an askew eye. We feel like our woman is a work in progress, as is the looseness of her art around her.

Tanya Taylor Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Collection

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