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Summer 2021

Tanya Taylor

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Tue - Dec 22, 2020 12:00 pm - 12:10 pm EDT

Summer 2021 is about the spirit of collaborative creativity. Although our design team wasn't physically together, from afar we poured ourselves into building a very personal and expressive story.

Our process started by painting, dyeing fabrics, sketching and sharing what we hoped next summer would feel like. Our instincts led us to create a story of feeling free, light, creative and powerful. Prints became loose-handed, uncomposed, abstract and bold. Our color palette surprises, energizes and comforts. Scuba blue, sunset pinks and golden craspedia pop next to aloe, natural alabasters and crisp whites. We sought out a freedom of color and print within the boundaries of clean and modern shapes.

It is about polished play - we want to feel energized and alive, feminine and strong and most importantly next summer celebrate our independent spirit.

Summer 2021 Collection

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9

Look 10

Look 11

Look 12

Look 13

Look 14

Look 15

Look 16

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Look 18

Alana Dress U21D172180

Savannah Dress U21D199230

Bonnie Knit Top U21K558849
Penelope Skirt U21S387180

Bonnie Knit Top U21K558848
Penelope Skirt U21S387230

Serena Dress U21D173180

Joelle Knit Dress U21K560848

Joelle Knit Dress U21K560848

Mallorie Dress U21D170215

Emma Top U21T834180
Gia Dress U21D200180

Sienna Top U21T877216
Rowan Short U21P247216

Gia Dress U21D200180
Bonnie Knit Top U21K558848

Logan Tee U21T885215
Margot Jumpsuit U21P317012

Carmen Top U21T862229
Genevieve Dress U21D196229

Lily Dress U21D180229

Laurelle Dress U21D184239
Noa Short U21P246233

Bonnie Knit Top U21K558849
Claire Dress U21D174232
Lynda Pant U21P252011

Cassidy Top U21T868239
Quinn Short U21P244012

Margot Jumpsuit U21P317012
Cassidy Top U21T868231

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