Autumn/winter 2021


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Mon - Feb 15, 2021 12:00 pm - 12:03 pm EDT

Lovalty, AW21 collection for Whensmokeclears® emerged from tall bonfire flames reflecting over into the water’s edge at the Whensmokeclears® design house. The collection shelters the essence of water, wind, and fire melting adorned memories into tangible totems one may never forget. This masterful assortment of jewels trails a new path of ingenuity as each piece rises out the ashes of architecture with Phoenix like posture. Lovalty is a sabbatical for creative director Thermal who designed the collection and directed the short film to accompany it.

Whensmokeclears Autumn/winter 2021

Autumn/winter 2021 Collection


Whensmokeclears at NYFW Spring Studios

Video by Telli Ratcliff

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