Autumn/Winter 2022


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Sun - Feb 13, 2022 2:30 pm - 2:35 pm EDT

WHENSMOKECLEARS knows that destruction births creation as the brand was conceived from the ashes of a fire that destroyed the designer’s apartment in (2016). The 15-piece AW22 collection by Thermal Taveras, “It’s Giving Renaissance,” is born from the broken hearts shattered over the recent losses of fashion icons Virgil Abloh, André Leon Talley, and Thierry Mugler. The collection reflects a rebirth of luxury fashion. The pulsing core of WHENSMOKECLEARS is signature Radiant Heart jewelry, with deeply saturated tones of ruby and emerald pumped into a black motif of tailored fabrics to reawaken the Underworld, bringing the nocturnal into broad daylight. “It’s Giving Renaissance” gives rise to newly engineered, yet ageless, eveningwear in the form of full length coats, suits, and form fitting dresses. The sleek designs and smooth lines evoke scenes from a film with shadowy figures in smoky clubs tracking down the latest thief who escaped with our jeweled hearts, just as this collection is sure to capture yours.

Whensmokeclears Autumn/Winter 2022

Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection

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