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A. POTTS S/S 2021

A. Potts

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Tue - Sep 15, 2020 9:10 am - 9:20 am EDT

The Spring 2021 collection explores the symbolism of the topsy-turvy doll — a toy popularized in the American South in the early 19th century. When flipped to one end, a Black doll dressed in fabrics symbolic of slavery and servitude appears while on the other end is a white doll, dressed finely. The doll, rather two dolls, represents a clear, but nuanced interpretation of racial dynamics disguised innocently; one must choose which side they would like to play with.

The collection takes inspiration from this concept by turning the perspective of the clothes upside down and inside out, reimagining the construction and juxtaposition of the two-sided dolls themselves.

A. Potts A. POTTS S/S 2021

A. POTTS S/S 2021 Collection

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Tre’von in Slouch Pant and Pocket Boxers in Minicheck Parachute.

Alberth in Anorak Tunic and Pocket Boxers in Khaki Parachute.

Alberth in Petticoat Maxi Skirt in Khaki and Minicheck Parachute with Pocket Boxers.

Lincoln in Orange Gingham Topsy Turvy Shirt and Transformer Pant.

Lincoln in Reversible Blue Denim and Orange Poplin Shirtcoat.

Lauryn in Orange Gingham Mixed Media Babydoll Dress.

Lincoln in Cotton Leopard Poncheaux and Coveritall.

Lincoln in Mixed Denim Patchpant.

Tre’von in Topsy Turvy Blue Denim Werksuit.

Tre’von in Mixed Denim Poncheaux and Transformer Pant.

Lauryn in Blue Denim Bubble Body.

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