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The Breakwater Collection 2021


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Wed - Sep 16, 2020 7:45 pm - 7:51 pm EDT

Spring / Summer 2021 is a collection inspired by beaches and views of Eastern Long Island New York. The collection contains 23 looks and 3 mini collections.

A'KAI The Breakwater Collection 2021

The Breakwater Collection 2021 Collection

Look 6

Look 4

White Silk Brocade Dress

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Look 21

Look 8

Silk Champagne Pleated Halter Gown

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Look 23

Look 12

Navy Blue Silk Emilia Gown

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Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9

Look 10

Look 11

Look 12

Look 13

Look 14

Look 15

Look 16

Look 17

Look 18

Look 19

Look 20

Look 21

Look 22

Look 23

White Silk Brocade Corset Top & Pleated Mini Skirt

White Cut Out Gauze Midi Dress

White Off The Shoulder Organza Jill Dress

White Silk Brocade Dress

White Draped Gauze Midi Dress

White Cut Out Silk Brocade Mini Dress

Navy Blue Silk Charmeuse Wrap Dress

Silk Champagne Pleated Halter Gown

White Silk Brocade Off The Shoulder Corset Top & Silk Brocade Skirt

Silk Champagne Pleated Draped High Slit Dress

White Organza Shawl Jacket & Silk Charmeuse Mini Slip Dress

Navy Blue Silk Emilia Gown

Ivory Gauze Crisscross Dress

Ivory Gauze Asymmetrical Peek a boo Midi Dress

Tangerine Silk Charmeuse Halter Midi Dress

Tangerine Silk Charmeuse Twist Dress

Silk Pistachio Creme Wrap Top & Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

Silk Pistachio Creme Double Slit Halter Dress

Silk Pistachio Creme Pleated Halter Mini

Silk Tangerine Charmeuse Asymmetrical Mini

Ivory Gauze Pleated Midi Dress

Silk Champagne Ostrich Angel Feather Gown

Silk Tangerine Chain Gown

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Pre Post Editorial Image 1
The Breakwater Shot

Navy Blue Silk Emilia Gown

This navy blue silk gown is the show stopper. "The Emilia Gown", named after and designed for the model that is wearing the gown. The gown has three trains flowing in the wind add up to a combined eighteen yards in length.

Editorial Look 2 1
Last Shades of Summer

Pistachio Creme Collection

The Pistachio Creme Collection contains three exquisite complementing garments. The calm green hue of the silk fabric is reminiscent of hints of ocean green you occasionally witness when the waves flow beyond the shore line.

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