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Barton Perreira

Bill Barton and Patty Perreira innovated the art of seeing at some of fashion’s most iconic brands. Their vision was clear. An independent brand that sees things differently, taking the time to invest in craftsmanship that produces nothing less than the finest eyewear in the world.

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Our timeless eyewear is intended to be worn season after season


Since inception, Barton Perreira has been committed to crafting eyewear using the highest quality materials, derived without harmful chemicals. This includes using plant-based acetates, with cellulose obtained from wood and cotton, for an environmentally friendly resin. Barton Perreira is proud to stand against fast-fashion and the waste it creates. Our timeless eyewear is intended to be worn season after season, ensuring a lifetime of use. “Like all my collections, I truly believe in creating a style that outlives trends and can remain timeless for years to come,” says designer Patty Perreira. Looking ahead, Barton Perreira is driven to expand on their sustainable initiatives. In an effort to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint, Barton Perreira will deepen its commitment to the environment, by providing consumers with cleaning cloths and shopping bags made of recycled materials.


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