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Life Lately | Spring 2024


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Sun - Sep 17, 2023 6:02 pm EDT

Life Lately, a very present reflection.
The past was turbulent and what the future holds may be unclear but at this very moment...
life is dreamy, romantic, all about exploration, wonderment and discovery. This season feels hopeful and full of expectation. Hope is represented through the image of a rainbow. Rainbows appear in the clouds. When the brightness of the sun is covered, beauty can still appear in the midst, sparking hope and joy. Spring 24, we have become aware of the unique beauty in everything, everyone, every moment, every up and every down. Vintage florals and paint stroke prints play nicely with our signature animal prints. We are proudly introducing new variations of our classic ROYGBIV colour ways, exploring soft natural prism rainbows and saturated versions. Polka dots add whimsy and colorful shine remind us to smile as we wait for dreams to bloom in the garden of life.

Life Lately | Spring 2024 Collection

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Aeon is wearing the ROYGBIV Shirt Pile Dress

Matthew is wearing the Love in 3D Denim Set

Mina is wearing the Open Heart Dress in Aqua Lurex Popcorn Knit

Moe is wearing the Burst Leisure Suit

Jacob G. is wearing the Worthy Scarf Shirt, Blue Green Dot High waist Pant in Cupro Twill

Jaron is wearing the Crossword Pant Set

Bryan is wearing the Linear Leopard Denim Jacket, Saved by the Bell Tee, Canvas Pant with a trail

Megan is wearing the Memory Lane Tee, Dotted Maxi Denim Skirt

David and Daniel are wearing the Few Words Asymmetrical Flag Set, Blue Green Dotted Denim Jacket, Indigo Garden Button-Up Top, Sunrise Wide Leg Track Pant

Friday is wearing the Burst ColorBlock Popcorn Knit Dress

Niara is wearing the Juliet Lace Trim Slip Dress

Mohamet is wearing the Thrills Leisure Suit

Hongsheng is wearing the Linear Leopard Cropped Denim Jacket, Linear Leopard Off The Shoulder 3/4 Denim Jacket, Linear Leopard Straight Leg Denim

Jennifer is wearing the Memory Lane Tee, Mixed Dot Cargo Mini Skirt

Justin is wearing the Linear Leopard Maxi Denim, Linear Leopard Silk Basketball Shorts

Kathrine is wearing the Purple Mixed Dot Button-Up Shirt, Linear Leopard Mini Slip Dress with Ribbon Belt

Caleb is wearing the Canvas Set

Alysse is wearing the Blue Pink Cropped Denim Jacket, Yellow Blue Button-Up Top, Maxi Denim Skirt with Asymmetrical Flounce

Sophia is wearing the Silver Lining Denim Jacket, Silver Lining Button-Up, Silver Lining Drawstring Pant

Oghenetega is wearing the Canvas Maxi Jacket, Canvas Hoodie, Canvas Painter Pant

Johndolezza is wearing the Prism Racerback Hoodie, Prism Palazzo Pant

Lori-Ann is wearing the Metallic Cowl Neck Bodysuit, Linear Leopard Straight Leg Pant

Aniya is wearing the Canvas Mini Dress

Sean is wearing the Prism Button-Up Top, Prism Palazzo Pant

Chinaza is wearing the Canvas Off- The Shoulder Denim Maxi Dress

Lyan is wearing the Garden Shirt Pile Dress

Morgan is wearing the Linear Leopard Lattice Denim Skirt Set, Linear Leopard Bodysuit

Dominick is wearing the Prism Denim Jacket, Prism Button-Up Top, Prism Palazzo Pant

Ocean is wearing Linear Leopard Cowl neck Bodysuit, Brushstroked Printed Mesh Bell Bottoms

Otis is wearing the Bayside High Set

Elijah is wearing the Black and White Dotted Short Set, "inspired by Bruce and Glen's favorite childhood outfit"

Katherine is wearing the Saved by the Bell Camp Shirt , Black and White Striped Palazzo Pants

Christal is wearing the Citron Garden Cover-Up, Citron Metallic Mesh Bodysuit, Linear Leopard Mesh Mini Skirt

Logan and Ashtyn are wearing the Sunny Day Set

Grace is wearing the ROYGBIV Denim Jacket, Scarlet Graden Button-Up Top, Citron Garden Pant

Kwali is wearing the Citron Garden Racerback Button-Up Poplin, Scarlet Garden Drawstring Pant

Norka is wearing the Sunny Day Denim Jacket, Sunny Day Slip Dress

Kate is wearing the Citron Garden Button-Up, Linear Leopard Cropped Tank, Citron Garden Drawstring

Isaak is wearing the Worthy Button-Up Top, Plum Track Pant

Aleka is wearing the Orchid Keyhole Maxi Dress

Bruce is wearing the Saved by the Bell Camp Shirt, Black and White Palazzo Pants. Glen is wearing the BaySide High Set

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