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Fall Winter 2021

BY. Bonnie Young

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Fall 2021
Wed - Mar 17, 2021 2:05 pm - 3:05 pm EDT

Fall/ Winter 2021 is about the resurgence of NYC and its upcoming renaissance. I was inspired by NYC in the 90s when the city was filled with young artists, musicians, creatives, and empty warehouses downtown. With Fall 2021 we are imagining a post Covid New York City. It is gritty, yet sleek and vibrant. It is a return to the old New York, a New York that thrived on community, edge, creativity, and innovation.
In order to help our community, we have created Project Plaid, using a portion of the profits of our collection to help provide blankets to our homeless community in NY.

BY. Bonnie Young Fall Winter 2021

Fall Winter 2021 Collection


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