Laminar Flow

Charlie Kenney

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Thu - Sep 08, 2022 8:00 am - 9:00 am EDT

An experimental knitwear collection that transports the wearer to an ethereal dreamscape. Combining tactile machine and handcrafted surfaces, this collection blurs the lines between harsh and soft, structured and fluid, reality and fiction. By sculpting with hand knitting techniques, knitwear is transformed into rigid, armored silhouettes while still retaining the natural ease and malleability of knit construction. Machine knitting Is also employed to add nontraditional texture and shape. Hardware elements and tailored woven garments contrast the pliability of the knits to create a unique sensory experience for the viewer and the wearer alike.

LAMINAR FLOW is the winner of the Louise Piazza Fashion Technology Award and the A. Potts Best Design Award.

Charlie Kenney Laminar Flow

Laminar Flow Collection

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

CLO 3D Designs

Hand knit skeleton harness
Machine knit spike textured dress and underskirt with distressing
Hand knit waterfall arm warmers

Hand knit breastplate vest
Hand knit gauntlet arm warmers
Machine knit spike textured sleeveless top
Armor pants with pleated layer

Hand knit armor sweater
Pleated skirt with faulds
Machine knit greave leg warmers with spike texture patchwork

Designs made with CLO 3D as an extension of the collection concept

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