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Tue - Nov 16, 2021 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT

“The starting point of the collection was “We were once all superheroes”. As adults, we tend to not have TOO much fun, even feel numb towards certain things, most of us have lost the “courage” towards things that are supposed to be exciting and adventurous because of responsibilities, stress, life. I went to a Christian Girls School, but I never really followed the rules, somehow, I always got into trouble, but I didn’t care at all about the consequences, because everything was awesome and amusing. Climbing trees, rolling down the hills on a skateboard… “ – Claudia Li

For this collection, Founder and Creative Director Claudia Li was inspired by the energy and amusement of being a tween. The collection reflects upon Li’s schoolgirl days when she was a free-range kid in New Zealand; when adventures didn’t mean consequences and things like opening Christmas presents, eating cotton candy at a carnival are still exciting “eye-opening” experiences.

Vibrant colors and energetic patterns are prominent throughout the collection. Signature silhouettes including the Slouchy Track Jacket are reimagined in a pink and purple Space Jacquard and Midnight Sequin Floral. Select styles, including the Carnival Skirt and Dress and Balloon Pant, get playful in a “Christmas Plaid” jacquard, and a lilac seersucker. Intricate hand beaded floral panels in shades of pink and blue can be found on the Carnival Dress and two-piece bandeau skirt set. Sequins reappear in a Midnight Floral embellishing a Track Suit fit for a night out and an elegant Teepee Dress. Relaxed Bowling Shirt and Short Sets are reinvented in Sunflower Pinstripes, and Christmas Plaid. A standout detail is the Puff Sleeve found on the Marshmallow Bandeau and Wrap Top, wearable and full of character.

Accessories include hand beaded floral broaches and sandals, beaded earrings made in collaboration with FRUTA jewelry and Flower Helmet Bags, which can be both worn as a hat or carried as a handbag.

The collection is now available for pre-order at

Free Range Kids Collection

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