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Sun - Sep 13, 2020 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

“For Spring 2021, I was inspired by my home away from home, Tulum. I wanted to create a collection that reminds me of the bright, tropical hues that recall so many happy memories. The theme of the collection is about escapism – -because fashion should inspire and make us feel happy. It has been really fun exploring the more casual side of the Jason Wu woman, which is why I decided to show my more casual contemporary counterpart line for the first time on the runway. Through the last few months at home, I have also discovered new ways to inspire and invigorate myself. One of my proudest moments was the introduction of the “Distance Yourself from Hate” campaign which I worked on alongside GMHC and The Collective Shift. It has been amazing seeing how united people have become during difficult times, and the sales of the masks has allowed us to help provide food and protective masks to underprivileged communities.

Spreading the word of love feels more important to me now more than ever, -and being a part of change is crucial. I want to design clothes not only for the moment, but to create something that can be everlasting. In the same vein, the trees you see here tonight, lovingly donated by Lowe’s, will go on to their new home at the A. Visconti Garden Center, a small local business, where they will be cared for and be adopted and loved. Along with help from my friends at Lowe’s, we will also use the rest of the home décor products and furnishings from this show to create a beautiful new dining room at GMHC in New York that serves more than 350 meals daily when our facility is fully opened.”


JASON WU Jason Wu Spring 2021

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