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The International Fashion Designer/Tailor, Justin Haynes has blossomed into the new must-see fashion sensation.  His signature designs have been noticed on runways across the US and beyond .  Justin is an energetic, creative, visionary designer who thrives on pushing the envelope. The fusion of bright colors, distinct patterns, and elegant patchwork has allowed his brand to be both recognized and requested by some of the fashion industry's most prominent icons.

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JUS10H on Upcycled Fabrics

What’s Old To You, Becomes New To Me!

JUS10H gives old fabric, new life through upcycling. Designer/Tailor Justin Haynes pioneered the idea of upcycling when he founded JUS10H 13 years ago; it’s offerings include garments from luxury T-shirts, jeans, dress shirts, sweaters, dresses, and suits - to outerwear made with swatches of upcycled denim, cotton, polyester, and wool - just to name a few. Upcycling is not something that is usually associated with luxury; however, Justin Haynes has changed that.

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