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Our Spatial Imprint

Nanette Gabriele

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FFGS21 Digital Showcase
Tue - Sep 07, 2021 8:00 am - 9:00 am EDT

Nanette Gabriele collection titled: Our Spatial Imprint is rooted in the study of the connection between our inner emotional being and interior space. Nanette developed a fascination with how private spaces influence our mood, sleep, and energy. In recent years, she began to struggle with chronic insomnia which led her to find approaches to achieve spatial balance and calmness within her own home. Nanette studied the practice of Feng Shui and utilized it to gain stability over stress.

After meeting with a Feng Shui professional, she applied the rules to every aspect of her life. This became the basis for materials, silhouettes, and colors. Inspired by Louise Bourgeois' insomnia drawings, Nanette created a series of illustrations done before bedtime as a form of meditation that later turned into print designs. Even in their psychedelic nature, the prints release a sense of peace through various color tonalities and compositions.

Nanette strives to work with repurposed materials found in interior spaces such as wood rattan, chandelier crystals, and lampshades. Her work became extremely relevant to our current environment and she has found great relief in her personal exploration.

Nanette Gabriele Our Spatial Imprint

Our Spatial Imprint Collection

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"Wood Grains"
Printed Silk Jersey Dress
Printed Canvas Hat
Crystal Earrings

"Bed Time"
Multi-Printed Linen Coat
Printed Silk Jersey Ruffle Pants
Printed Silk Jersey Bodysuit

Printed Silk Jersey Ruffle Pants and Bodysuit
Printed Silk Scarf
Woven Rattan Repurposed Lampshade Bag

"Break Up The Room With A Rug"
Printed Jacquard Jacket and Mini Skirt
Printed Silk Scarf
Printed Silk Jersey Bikini Top

"Balance The Elements"
Printed Mesh Bra
Printed Silk Jersey Bikini Top
Hand Woven Netted Top With Repurposed Chandelier Crystals
Woven Wrap Bag Skirt
Crystal Earrings

"Move Upwards"
Printed Silk Jersey Top
Cotton Spiral Wrap Pants
Printed Mesh Bag and Hat
Repurposed Door Knob Earrings



Sourcing Materials

Nanette Gabriele focuses on sourcing materials for accessories sustainably, challenging herself to create with what is available. Our Spatial Imprint uses metal knobs, chandelier crystals, and lamp shades that Nanette found in antique stores over the course of three months. These later turned into statement earrings, bags, and tops. There is beauty and mystery in knowing these pieces have a history to them that is unknown to the wearer.

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