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POTRO Fall 2022


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Fri - Feb 11, 2022 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST

Joseph DeAcetis began the Potro label in 2021 and has since cultivated an archive and series of heritage and military motifs that form a modern essence of latinx culture in the USA. Conceived initially as a unique mix of tailoring and sports luxe, a balance of the sexy and serious, of athletic and revolt. DeAcetis has also found a fanbase of customers identifying with the concept of wearing style as a badge - of honor. A message to the world. This season ‘Military Mix’ is an exploration of free-form and shapes and styles cut to fit and flatter younger millennials and zoomers making their style mark on fashion's timeline.

Faced with travel restrictions and limited access to the world at large, the youth generation of today aims to express this transformative nature into the modern wardrobe. A nomad of sorts. A twenty-first century explorer, poet and adventurer. The end result is a collection that takes pride in heritage, celebrates individuality and that can be worn however by whoever.

A palette of earthy neutrals, khaki, mushroom and black is enlivened by orange and blue with vintage-inspired dashes of metallic pink and purple. Fringe makes an unexpected appearance strewn across denim and ponchos. Traditional apparel items are subverted throughout the collection either with distressed latinx flags bursting from the back of a jacket or falling down the side of a sleeve. References to traditional counter-revolutions appear to harken back to the 1970's with ponchos and flared jeans with patches --whilst exposed military buttons echoes the craft of generations past.

Potro's signature pieces take centre stage in this collection. A distressed finish jacket gives a hint of hippie without ever losing sophistication. Elsewhere shorts worn with long john underpinnings and gender-neutral lingerie pullovers bring a sense of Generations Z's mastery of mixing textures, shapes and even genders. A mix of nylon and pullovers are combined with hardware collar zips up to form a hood on a sporty sweatshirt Meanwhile, a few women's pieces snap up the collections with thigh-high textured shorts worn with blouses with exaggerated bell sleeves - lending a strong latinx heritage style.

Finally, a contrast of texture and weight, sheer tanks, t-shirts and long-johns– a subtle hint of reveal that celebrates the new march forward into 2022/23

— Joseph C. DeAcetis


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