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Presley Oldham

Presley Oldham creates handmade jewelry using pearls sourced from local vendors across the Southwest. His line is an ode to when apparel was crafted by hand and valued for the effort, time and cost that each piece required. Some of his styles are limited runs, some more reproducible, and others are one of a kind due to the organic nature of his materials.

Sugar Close Up


Most of the pearls used in my first collection were found at flea markets around Los Angeles and New York. Some were given to me by my grandmother, some were left over from my uncle’s fashion days, and others I’ve collected over the years. My second collection uses materials sourced between New Mexico and Southern California, as well as the leftover pearls from my first collection. All of my 925 Sterling Silver wire and findings are sourced from small businesses across New Mexico in an effort to utilize the resources I have around me. In order to move away from the mass production mindset and throw-away nature of fast fashion, we need to bring craft back into affordable fashion and begin to work in tandem with the environment around us.


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