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Fall 2021
Wed - Feb 17, 2021 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT

This collection is documenting a story influenced by my childhood and every day, Fall Winter 2021
collection is a collective story of nostalgia and surrealism. It takes inspiration from my everyday life
of the post-pandemic in New York City, and the 90s of south China where I grow up in. The collection
is an evolution of a wardrobe that combines both comfort and retro-touches of what I believe modern
wardrobe will look like

The collection draw combination of grunge style, and functional garments. It is drawing on collective
experience, evoking ideas of youth and retro-color blocking. Combined with looks that reminiscent of
the 90s: Floral Knitted Sweater inspired by Lily flowers that belong to family portrait from childhood;
Reverse Fair Isle Sweater; Detachable Jacket can easily separate become two pieces; Two-pieces denim
Jumpsuits and Zipper separated Leather Pants. Mixing up with the classics, collegiate stripes, Pointed
color-blocked cowboy boots.

Colors are brilliant, vivid pastel-hues with high saturation that drawn from Technicolor film and Piero
Portaluppi architecture. The Silhouette is a relaxed fit for both men and women, with a reference to
utilitarian uniforms, knits, and tailoring.

Fall Winter 2021 Collection


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