Stan S/S 2021 Cover


Launched by surfer, model and artist Tristan Detwiler, STAN is a Southern California brand based on sustainability and story-telling. Using hand stitched textiles as old as 160 years old forgotten over time, we unveil narratives of travel, ownership, wear, mending, gifting and love. Some tattered and passed down over generations, these one a kind pieces allow a new person to continue and share unique stories of time, in a different form such as a jacket. Each piece bears the mark of the past.

Stan S/S 2021 Collection Cover
Stan Surf Couture

Sustainable Fashion Meets Surf Wear

Stan is inspired by Southern California surfing lifestyle. The idea of dusting off your sandy jeans from the beach and throwing on a functional yet fashionable jacket to go out at night. Our sustainable mission is to breathe life into antique textiles, upscaling them into eccentric, one-of-a-kind hand crafted jackets. STAN aims to make clothes that are as interesting as they are conscientious.

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