Love is inherently free–so must your clothes be.
There is no love without freedom. Clothes that celebrate your freedom, celebrate your highest state
of love.

Back Story:
I traveled to India in search of meaning. I lived in a cave, inside a crack on the side of a mountain.
I slept on rice bags and ate only what villagers offered to me. One morning, I went up to the top of
the mountain and found another yogi praying. I asked him, “who are you praying to if we are all the one thing happening?” He answered ”I’m praying to myself–of course.”
I responded, “In your worship, please include me. I came up for a bath. Would you bathe me?”
He agreed. As I was being bathed, I realized–I could not reach any clearer state of gratitude and love than that which comes from the experience of being bathed freely by another human being.

It was in this moment that I experienced myself as love for the first time. When I returned to NY,
my external appearance somehow unintentionally transformed to match my inner experience.

I make clothes to celebrate the love that I experienced on that mountain and to share this experience with you. When you wake up and put on clothes meant for celebrating our natural state of love and freedom, you become a magnet. People are drawn to you, they want to connect and celebrate with you. Your state of love is contagious.

Inspiration for spring 23 season:
Two questions: “What limits me”, and “Am I free”?
I am deeply honored to know that what limits me–are just thoughts: it’s that simple.
We are inherently free.
My clothes are a conduit for my values which are freedom, celebration & connection.
I make them to inspire you.

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