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Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin began early in 2000 with the creation of hand-sewn garments made from recycled cotton jersey t-shirts by founder and slow design pioneer Natalie Chanin.

Twenty years into this commitment, we are leaders in elevated craft due to a strong belief in tradition and dedication to locally sewn garments and goods—manufactured by both hand and machine with talented artisans. We maintain responsible, ethical, and sustainable supply chains, holding ourselves to the highest standards for quality and dedication to sustainability.

Alabama Chanin consists of designers, makers ,and educators, working to elevate and merge design, craft, and fashion.

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Sustainable Design

"The case study for "off-the-grid” fashion was created by Alabama Chanin who, in 2000, headed to Florence, Alabama, to work on what she thought would be a one-month project. Her idea, she says, was to make 200 one-of-a-kind T-shirts by hand, and she went home 'to search for the elusive skills of hand-sewers who were raised in the quilting tradition.' Twenty years later, she’s still there, an integral part of a community who is working with fashion responsibly and with transparency. She’s also deeply involved in philanthropy. 'I never underestimate the value of this community and of being able to work in a global industry from my small town,' says Chanin." —Laird Borrelli-Persson, Vogue


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