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Christopher John Rogers

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Fri - May 21, 2021 9:30 am - 10:00 am EDT

“It’s not anything we’ve ever done, but it’s everything we’ve always done”.

This season Christopher approached the collection with a veiled lens -- digging deeper into the house codes, but rethinking the way they’re put together and presented. Pushing past traditional benchmarks of what optimism might look like was a goal, offering spirited dressing that’s ostensibly pragmatic without being prosaic, and giving the wearer the ability to discover themselves further in each piece. The brand understands there’s humanness to the way the customer approaches dressing, in that it’s polished but not always precious. The collection encompasses an array of classic wardrobe staples – strong shirting, classically tailored trousers, and assertive suiting, with the introduction of a new sense of declarative softness for the brand present in bias cut slips, v-necklines, delicate straps, and décolletage, electrocuted with the brand’s signature graphism.

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