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Elena Velez

The Elena Velez fashion brand subverts contemporary American fashion by building a younger and more accessible image of American artisanal luxury while simultaneously highlighting perspectives from underrepresented creative communities outside of established fashion capitals. The brand’s product portfolio includes biannual ready-to-wear collections; custom commissions; and the EV Collaborator Studio. Elena Velez operates in Milwaukee and New York as a Delaware C Corp.

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Bridging high fashion and authentic regional craftsmanship

An aggressively delicate aesthetic signature

Elena Velez incorporates an appreciation for the artisanal heritage of the American midwest, epitomized by the metalsmith industry, a historically quintessential trademark of her hometown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through an aggressively delicate aesthetic signature, Elena Velez designs with the tactile sensibility of a maker who prioritizes functionality and utility over perfection or beauty, working beyond contemporary references to investigate the relationship between femininity and force.

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